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Thank you to our

Dinner Co-Chair

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...and to MUFG Union Bank for sponsoring this event

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Julius Robinson

Head of Corporate Social Responsibility for the Americas, MUFG Union Bank


20th Anniversary Awards Gala Dinner

Light up the Night:
A Time to HEAL

시민 참여, 공공-민간 파트너십에 관심이있는 지도자를 양성하고 교회와 지역 사회 파트너십을 강화하는 동시에 사회 정의 옹호자가되기 위해 고안되었습니다.

20th Anniversary Awards Gala Dinner

Light up the Night:A Time to HEAL

Under the theme of​ ​​Light Up the Night: A Time to HEAL - Celebrating 20 Years of FACE, we will be honoring dynamic leaders who have brought light & hope for the purpose of healing, transformed communities in the pursuit of equity, advocated for racial justice and solidarity, and exemplified leadership through their compassion and faith.

20th Anniversary Awards Gala Honorees

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CIT Bank

Robert Fong on behalf of CIT

Corporate Leadership Award

Gala Dinner Speakers