Matt Callahan

Mortgage Loan Originator

“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be
questioned” – Maya Angelou
I joined the Los Angeles City housing department in 1985 and worked there for 12 years
designing, financing, and administering programs that help low-income households purchase
their first home.
In 1997 I joined Freddie Mac where I was responsible for supporting lenders, government
agencies, Realtors, and nonprofit organizations expand home ownership opportunities for
underserved individuals and families and home buyers in distressed neighborhoods.
In 2004 I had the opportunity to create my own mortgage and real estate business focused on
first-time home buyers and have become an expert in layered financing and using special
government and private programs that open the doors for people who never thought it would
be possible to own their own home. In addition to my mortgage business I have worked as a
home ownership consultant, trainer, and program administrator for local governments and
federal agencies.
In 2012 I led an effort to revive a non-profit organization called Los Angeles Partners in Home
Ownership. Since that time, we have hosted monthly educational workshops for new home
buyers and advocated for the expansion of home ownership programs and resources in Los
Angeles. Visit our website at for more information.
I been very blessed to be happily married for 38 years and I have three successful adult
children. I am a Catholic and pray the rosary on most days and go to mass on Sundays but
struggle with many failings and weakness. I like Irish whiskey and for reasons I cannot fully
explain I am able to speak Spanish with some fluency.
It would be an honor to accompany and support you on your journey to home ownership.
Please call or text me at (562) 391-6453 if I can be of help to you.