Rev. Sunyoung

Rev. Sunyoung

Hope UMC of Torrance


Sunyoung Park was born in Seoul, Korea, to devout Methodist parents. Growing up in a church, the pastors were the most influential figures in her life. Against her parents' wishes, she chose to apply to the Methodist Theological University in Korea and received her Master of Theological Studies degree from ILIFF School of Theology in Denver, CO. Then, she went back to Korea and worked as a full -time researcher for the Seoul City Government and taught English to Korean Business leaders. She returned to the States for pursuing her 2nd Master's degree at Claremont School of Theology. Two semesters into it, she experienced dramatic call moments to ordained ministry. From then on, she has served in cross cultural ministry settings, Sage Granada Park UMC as the lead pastor, Washington Univ. Medical Center as a chaplain, Box Spring Cooperative Parish as an associate pastor, and Hope UMC of Torrance as the lead pastor. She is happily married to Dr. Ho Paul Kim, a professor of marketing analysis, and has four feline children.


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