Jim Lee

Jim Lee’s leadership experience emerged from traditional large corporate top down management. During his 11 years working for several Fortune 10 telecommunications companies, he strove to bring out the best in his teams through empowerment. Fighting for the highest possible good in people was counter-cultural, as fear based management was the norm and minimal effort was made by leaders to invest in their people. Jim's success proved that great accomplishments can come as a byproduct of secure, confident, and humble employees that were free from domineering.
In 2009, Jim accepted the role as vice president of sales and operations for an energy performance general contracting firm, building a culture of employees that valued relational harmony as the foundation of achievement. After 8 years of tremendous growth, he hired himself out of the company to pursue his dreams of being an entrepreneur of healthy leadership. Currently, Jim enjoys multiplying positive team culture and changing the way people lead through GiANT Worldwide as a senior associate.
Outside of GiANT, Jim volunteers his time with several ministry organizations, helping spread a liberating leadership culture in the Church. Jim has served his gifts in various churches as part of their leadership teams for over 15 years. His religious organizational experience includes being an Operations Director for a church plant in Los Angeles, currently serving as the Small Groups Community Coordinator at his local church, architect for a home-based ministry for those that have left the Church, and overseeing operations for a startup online ministry. Currently, he is also taking classes at Gateway Baptist Seminary (formerly Golden Gate Baptist Seminary) pursuing a Masters in Divinity part time. Jim and his wife, Jane, enjoy investing in each other and traveling on road trips across the country. They can often be found walking their feisty dog Mady in the evenings, building relationships and community with neighbors.