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Saigu 30 Campaign Press Coverage

Photos: L.A. riots remembered 30 years later with nod to progress, pledge for unity


L.A. riots are remembered 30 years later with hope and pessimism


PURSUIT OF HEALING: As anniversary of 1992 Riots nears, minority leaders plan observances


the los angeles riots were a painful time in our country's history.

Thirty years ago, the violence of Los Angeles Riots erupted as a result of failure of government, law enforcement, and even the media to act responsibly. Communities were pitted against one another destroying lives, communities and livelihoods. 63 lives were lost, 12,000+ arrests, 3,000 businesses destroyed, and over a billion dollars in property damage were incurred. For the Korean community who incurred almost 50% of the billion dollars of property damage and 65% of all destroyed businesses, they witnessed the fragility of the American dream as their life’s savings and dream were burned and destroyed in the ashes without political or police protection.

In response, FACE launched the SAIGU campaign in 2012 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Los Angeles Riots to build bridges of understanding and to combat myths that keep communities divided. Since it's launch we have commemorated the 20th and 25th anniversary of the LA Riots. To see these past campaigns click here.


FACE is pleased to kick-off our SAIGU 30 Campaign to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the LA Riots this year. As with the 20th & 25th, we will be hosting a series of events and we invite you to join us for our campaign! 

See videos from our past campaigns:

SAIGU 30 Campaign Unity Interfaith Prayer Breakfast 

The Unity Interfaith Prayer Breakfast brought together a diverse, multi-ethnic group of faith leaders to pray for healing and unity of the various impacted communities during the LA Riots.


See all the events FACE hosted and participated in as part of the SAIGU 30 Campaign.


For past SAIGU campaigns, FACE worked to uplift the powerful and diverse voices in the community by highlighting stories of those present and/or affected by the 1992 LA Riots through our 'I Am #FACEofLA' Social Media Campaign as well as the SAIGU "Legacy Project" which was a historic partnerships with


FACE would like to, once again, showcase the diversity of Los Angeles and provide YOU, the community members, a platform to share your stories from or as a consequence of the LA Riots. We hope to foster understanding, greater healing, and unity through your stories, for the betterment of our community moving forward.


(See examples of both past I Am #FACEofLA & Testimonies below.)



"For me, the LA Riots sparked my interest in running for office and winning my first elected position as a Member of the Inglewood City Council. It also reminds me of my responsibility and obligation to be the bridge over the ashes of ignorance that can bring power together to empower others. To that end, I thank FACE for keeping the torch of peace, prosperity and unity illuminated in the hearts and minds of all of the diverse members of our community."

-Jerome Horton, Former CA Assemblyman

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Past SAIGU campaigns

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